Friday, December 30, 2016

I took a pregnancy test the other day (and a giveaway for a $50 gift card)

As a mom to six, I definitely know a thing or two about testing for pregnancy. I may need some help in figuring out how the whole birth control thing works, but ask me anything about pregnancy tests,  especially questions like, "Which is the best pregnancy test on the market?" and I'm your gal.

Although my husband had a vasectomy shortly after our youngest son was born nine months ago, and we are technically done having kids, I still have a large stash of various pregnancy tests hidden in my bedroom. I may have even taken one the other day because of a late period (you'll have to keep reading to find out the results).

So, which test should you buy? Well, it really depends on your situation. For example, if your period is already late, even just by one day, then the majority of the home pregnancy tests on the market should all be able to detect the HCG hormone levels and give you an accurate result (provided your cycles are regular).  If your period isn't late yet, then I would suggest buying a more sensitive "early" test that can pick up a lower level of HCG, several days before your period is even due, like this one below:

In my case, only one of my six kids were actually planned, so with the majority of my pregnancies, I was already a week or two (or more) late with my period, so by the time I took a pregnancy test, it was so ridiculously positive that the test result line popped up immediately, even before the control line had a chance to appear.  Now if you're using a digital test (they didn't make these when my first few kids were born), you don't even have to count the lines. You simply wait for the screen to give you a "Yes" or "No" reading (some tests will say "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant"). The control window is standard on any urine pregnancy test, and is a line or symbol that appears to let you know that the test is working properly. If it doesn't appear then you need to disregard the results and take a new test.

Examples of a positive, negative and invalid test:
When we weren't ttc (trying to conceive) or planning on becoming pregnant, I honestly didn't put much stock on which test to buy and basically just threw whichever test was within arms reach at the grocery store into my cart, along with a gigantic pile of chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, and tampons (wishful thinking that my period was going to start any day now). When we were ttc and desperately hoping to become pregnant soon, I became a hard core POAS (pee on a stick) addict and took so many tests that it was much too embarrassing to admit.

My advice would be if you are actively ttc a baby and know you'll be testing frequently each month, then I suggest buying multiple pregnancy tests in a pack. Get a box with at least three tests, as this will save you some frantic, last minute trips to the store to buy more tests, plus you wont feel so guilty about taking more than one test in a day, even when your period is still nearly two weeks away and it's way too early to get a positive result. Pffffft, NO I never did that. Okay, yes, I did. Many times in fact.

These are a couple of brands that come in a handy dandy 3 pack:

So, what were my pregnancy test results? Negative. And then of course my period showed up the very next day which perfectly explained why I had eaten my weight in chocolate and potato products, cried during a cereal commercial, and ironed my socks the day before.  So, yeah, there will definitely be no more babies in the Peanut Layne household, which is a good thing because my husband and I are not spring chickens anymore, and Seanie Mac is a total handful.

He sure is an adorable handful though, isn't he?

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