Awards/Featured On

Contributing author in the best selling humor anthology: 
I Just Want to Pee Alone 
Feb 27, 2013

Contributing author in the sequel
I Just Want to Be Alone
 March 22, 2014

Former Parent Blogger for Parents in the Loop
Published in Parenting Gag Reel- Hilarious Writes and Wrongs: Take 26 (Life Well Blogged) 
April 14, 2013
Guest post on Aiming Low Jan 4, 2013 
Published in To Bliss and Back (Life Well Blogged): 
Dec 16, 2012 

Featured on Mamapedia's Voices: Sept 23, 2012 and Dec 18, 2012

You can also find me bloggy blogging over on The Epistolarians: 

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