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Hello and welcome! My name is Kristen Layne.  I'm an early 40's something mom to many who owns/operates a humor blog called Life On Peanut Layne.  I've also been featured in two amazing humor anthologies, the NYT best seller, I Just Want to Pee Alone (2013), and the sequel, I Just Want to Be Alone (2014). 

I have six kids total but my oldest two are actually grown now and living on their own.  My husband (I refer to him as J in my blog), and I have four kids together and they still very much live at home, which is why my life is busy and chaotic, my hair is typically a hot mess, I rarely wear make up, and you'll most likely always see a spit up stain or two on my stretch pants.

Bo's (our only girl) is 16, Mae Mae is 13,  Peanut is 10 (and the inspiration behind my blog's name) and Seanie Mac is 4. I use nicknames a lot to somewhat protect our privacy, although I'm sure we aren't all that hard to find (but I promise you we aren't really all that interesting either so please save your time and energy on something more useful and exciting).

I'm a storyteller at heart and would always have friends and family rolling on the ground laughing at my stories, and it's not uncommon to hear phrases like, "Your family should totally be on a reality show" because crazy stuff is always happening to us. I decided to start blogging so that I could keep track of our silly stories, funny memories, and hilarious mishaps.

You may have found me because of a recent viral blog post regarding my son's ninth birthday party where no one showed up: Parents Please Don't Forget to RSVP. I wish I could tell you the secret formula to going viral, but I still don't know. I wrote the post for my very small and loyal peanutlayne audience and never in my wildest dreams thought so many people would connect and want to share it. When I wrote the post, I was overcome by raw emotion over a very sad day for our family, and the post just sort of took on a life of its own.

If you'd like to contact me, my blog's email address is: peanutlayne5@gmail.com

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***If you're mailing me a product to review, or wish to send cards, letters or fan mail please email me directly to obtain a current address, as we've recently moved and no longer have an Oregon PO BOX anymore. I will hopefully have a new PO BOX in our new town/state soon. Thanks :)  


  1. People just suck. I was deeply moved by your story and it brought me back to my own son's disappointments through the years. Honestly, what is wrong with people?

  2. happy belated birthday Mahlon, best wishes and a lot of health for you boy! follow this simple tribute to you! Embrace your surfer friend from Brazil

    abraço e fique com Deus !!!!

    Fabio Cestari Accorsi

    Ubatuba - Sao Paulo - Brazil

  3. get a life, your most recent article disgusts me. You only did that to have other people send YOUR son birthday gifts. Shame on you!

  4. One more thing, I know you will not approve the first comment I wrote, nor this one, but the audacity you have to write that article then put a p.o. address at the very end for others to send gifts, (give me a break) You know what I see in all the pictures you posted. A child who has his family around a dinner table celebrating his birthday, a child who has a birthday cake, decorations, gifts from you. SO AGAIN shame on you!!!!!

  5. I saw the story on birthday party. It is ridiculous to be devastated over people who are nothing to you or your child. Grow up. Your child is no more important or unimportant than anyone else. Take your own son out and dont ever depend on someone else to make him happy. Get a life.

  6. HI Kristen, I read your story about no one showing up to your son's b-party and I start crying. I am happy that everything worked out for him later, but I agree that people should RSVP if they are not going to show-up to an event that they were invited to...it definitely would help to get a heads up!

  7. I just wanted to tell you that about twelve or so years ago, I was one of those bad parents who didn't RSVP, and although I don't know this for sure, I think the party that my son was invited to never happened, either. The mother called, wanting to know if my son was coming. I had a bad headache that day, and begged out, but when I later thought about the urgent sound in her voice, it occurred to me that no one showed up for her son's birthday. To this day, I feel terrible for that, and if I could have remembered her name to call her back, I would have and done something to make it right. I'll probably never stop feeling bad for that, and I'm really glad to see that your son got a significant positive response to your dilemma. I'm so sorry that it happened for him that way, and I hope that the mother I spoke with all those years ago got some positive result. Although very belated, I hope that your son has eventually had a very happy birthday in the end.

  8. View this website / discussion board about your son's birthday party (Good luck to you and your family!):


  9. Hi Kristin,
    Your story about the birthday just reached a Danish paper. And I can assure you, that the story has toched a lot of Danes. If you ever would go to Europe and Denmark then let me know.. then you and your lovely family can stay here. We live 50 meters from the sea. Then I will make a birthdayparty for your lovely son :-)

    Kind Regards,



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