Thursday, December 23, 2010

The UPS Man

My husband is not really the jealous type at all. Today was the first day of his time off for Christmas. I did 99.9% of my Christmas shopping via online this year (mostly Amazon). The same UPS guy has been to my door dozens of times over the past month or two (seriously i've lost track). I'm not going to lie....he's a bit of a cutie (hey i'm only human and can't help but notice).

Well J has never been home when the UPS guy comes by since he's always at work. So today I open the door and the UPS guy says, "Hey K how's it going today?" I laughed kind of nervously (because J was standing a few feet behind me and I knew he was going to think it was odd that the UPS guy was calling me by my first name) so I said something like, "Oh i'm great. Do you have another Amazon package for me today?" and he laughed. Actually he usually laughs at me as soon as I open the door because he's pretty much there every single day delivering a package.

J didn't say a word about it but later today we went out to get some coffee and out of the blue he says, "So you seem to be pretty friendly with that UPS guy" and then he was like, "He gave you a pretty big smile when you opened the door and he's calling you on a first name's basis?" Um yeah let's just say he wasn't exactly thrilled and now he's been cracking jokes all night about me having an affair with the UPS man, lol!

No real point to posting this story except to try and prove that I still got it :)  Okay I don't but I still think it's hilarious! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Look what I just bought in honor of Peanut's birthday...for me! It was kind of expensive for a necklace but I couldn't help myself :) 

Mine says, "Peanut" instead of Celeste of course. I love Etsy!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A HUGE Thank You to Christina and the Bamboletta Team!

I just want to thank Christina from Bamboletta Dolls from the bottom of my heart! For anyone not familiar with Bamboletta Dolls they are inspired by Waldorf Dolls and they are hand made dolls made from organic, all natural materials. These dolls are very special and hard to get but Bo's was selected as a giveaway recipient. I bawled my eyes out when I got the news that she would be receiving a doll. Her name is "Molly" and she's a beauty!

This will be her main Christmas present and I can't wait to give it to her! Thank you so much Christina and the Bamboletta team!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Chinese Thanksgiving

Because our family is awesome and we don't like turkey we have decided to make every year a "Chinese Thanksgiving".     What are your Thanksgiving traditions?   Do you follow the rules, or are you a rule breaker like us? 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Crack How I Love You!

and oh how much my ass has grown since I discovered you!!!!! 

~Christmas Crack Recipe~
1 cup butter (do not use margarine - this is not a healthy recipe)
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 1/2 sleeves Saltine crackers
1 cup of chopped nuts (we don't use because i'm allergic)

Preheat over to 350 degrees. Line a bar pan or cookie sheet (the pan/sheet should have a rim so that it can hold the goodness in) with aluminum foil. I also spray the foil with cooking spray, just to prevent any sticking. Next, line foil with rows of Saltine crackers. 

Next, melt the butter and combine it with brown sugar in a small sauce pan. Bring to boil and boil for two minutes. This now caramel syrup will be very hot so be careful. Pour the caramel evenly over Saltines and bake for 10 minutes.

Immediately after removing from the oven, pour the chocolate chips over the crackers. Let stand for two minutes or until chips are soft. Spread the chocolate as evenly as possible over the crackers and then top with the nuts. Refrigerate until hard. Break into pieces.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba

Look what we bought M today?! OMG!!! I'm in love!!!!! I think I want these for myself :) We got him the pair in the middle with all of the Gabba characters on them! So badass!!!! 


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Waldorf Doll Fun

M's Custom Waldorf doll is DONE! I think he turned out soooo cute! You can't really see in the pics but he is wearing a penguin t-shirt because M loves penguins :)

I love him! Hopefully M will love him too! I cannot say enough good things about Roberta from Hazel Dolls on Etsy! She is fantastic to work with and so sweet! I highly recommend her!!!!

Here are some pics of the doll and then some pics of M that I sent to Roberta. I think she did a fantastic job of making the doll look like him!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Peanut's Pageant Playset

I love to decorate for Christmas so every year i've been buying a new decoration for the house (or 2 or 3 or 10, lol).  Anyways, last year I bought the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set and it was a huge hit with the kids, so I decided on the Peanut's Pageant Nativity Playset this year.    Here's my review in a nutshell….NOT kid friendly at all!  You will flip your lid trying to keep all of the pieces upright.  This playset is cheap, flimsy and annoying.  Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely adorable and who doesn't like the Peanut characters?   The figurines themselves are super cute, but the actual playset is a bit of a nightmare.  The stage is made of thin, cheap cardboard (not even real cardboard) and it doesn't stay together very well.   The headpieces don't fit the figurines' heads…I mean what the crap?  Why make a headpiece that isn't going to fit?  Snoopy keeps toppling over, and after fixing this playset for the 100th time today, i've decided it's going back in the box.   Save your money on this one.  Buy the Peanut Christmas DVD's instead.  You will thank me for this! 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N!!!

He was supposed to be a peanut, NOT a baked potato or a turd.  
Sadly he was mistaken for both, lol! 

I thought of this costume idea myself.  I thought I was brilliant!  He got some major compliments on this outfit…patting myself on the back! 

The cutest freaking Buzz Lightyear i've ever seen!  He rocked that shit! 

Yeah they're kinda cute

She looks thrilled here, lol! Full of pep like her mom, LMAO! 

Peanut feet!  Love!!! 

I'm pretty sure he was taking a dump in this one, but it's still cute

Notice the look on J's face? I'm not sure he's sharing the excitement, lol! 

But WHYEEEE can't I just eat it all mom?  You're so unfair!!! 

Another attempt at capturing the "Peanut" costume

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday to our Superhero!

My awesome little man is 3 today! I still can't believe it! Where does the time go? Happy Happy Birthday to our silly little guy!!! We love you!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My "Baby" is at his first Boy/Girl Party Tonight

My 13 1/2 year old son is at a boy/girl Halloween party tonight. The party is from 4 to 8 pm (there is no school tomorrow). He called me to let me know that he arrived safely and all I could hear in the background was giggling girls.   We made sure to check to see that a parent was going to be present at this party before agreeing to let him go.

I'm going to pick him up at 8, but in the meantime I sit here chewing my nails and stressing out over the thought of my "baby" growing up :(

I will take the stress of raising babies & toddlers any day over this!   

Monday, October 11, 2010

Spooky Fun!

How freaking cute is this?  M got a Halloween themed Mr. Potato Head at Fred Meyer today and it's so cute I could just eat it up! He's been playing with it ALL day long. The best part is it was only $4.99. It has a little pumpkin purse and vampire teeth, an orange nose and green pointy ears, plus just a regular black hat and black shoes and the white arms. It also comes with a little cloth sheet that you can attach to the eye piece to make it a ghost.

It's super cute and cheap entertainment for toddlers Actually Bo's is playing with it too right now and she's 6!   This definitely gets a thumbs up and is an awesome addition to a Halloween obsessed house like ours :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Back to School We Go!

 Look at M's face! LMAO!!! Priceless!!!! 

Bo's making her famous fish face!
She was making this face long before those Facebook bitches!

Not sure what they were doing here…copping a squat?

Head in the clouds…my little dreamer

Who in the heck gave them permission to grow up?  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Deadliest Catch

My husband and I are humongous fans of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch show. We've watched it since Season 1 and never miss an episode. When we heard that the Time Bandit Boys (my personal nickname for them is "My Time Bandit Boys") and Captain Sig were going to be in Portland for a live show we knew we just had to go! We had such an awesome time at the live Deadliest Catch show! It was amazing! The boys told stories and talked a little bit about their lives growing up on the boats. It was really cool to see them in person! Despite their fame they are still just a bunch of goofy, down to earth guys! Captain Sig ended up grabbing J by the back of the neck because he thought J was trying to hug him (even though all he did was put his arm around him). I had no idea what was going on at first until I heard a loud commotion.  I remember rolling my eyes thinking, "Only my husband would cause a scene", lol!!!  So yeah, Sig grabbed J by the back of the neck and threw him down in a chair. It was hysterical!  Everyone was laughing except for the poor girl trying to take our pics.  The first pic Jonathan grabbed the camera out of her hands and said, "Take that one again.  I look like an asshole in that one"…LOVE IT!   People in line were getting irritated that we were holding up the line but F them.  We had a blast!  As for myself?  I stood there silent like a drooling, bumbling idiot.  I was completely, 100% star struck!  I was finally touching my favorite Time Bandit Boys and I totally froze up like a dumbass.  Oh well. It was seriously one of the best nights of my life! So much fun!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poison Pancakes

Probably no one else is going to find this funny but we have not been able to stop laughing over this one.

I swear you just NEVER know what is going to come out of that child's mouth!!!! So earlier Bo's was mad at her dad so she went stomping off with her arms folded across her chest and said "I'm going to make you pancakes" in a really angry voice and my husband was like "Ok, you make me pancakes then" and was thinking "and how is that supposed to be an insult?" and just then Bo's turned around with her face all scrunched up and in a very mean voice she shouts out "POISON ONES"!!!!!

OMG, my husband couldn't help himself and busted out laughing. When he told the story to me I was laughing so hard I was crying. I know most of you are probably mortified but if you knew Bo's you'd know why we find this so funny.

Note to self.....when Bo's makes us pancakes in the future, politely decline!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Houston, We Have a Teenager!!!! ACK!

So my first born son is now a teenager!  Holy crap!  Time goes so fast. I still can't believe my first born is already 13!!!!!  I remember his first birthday like it was yesterday. He had a Winnie the Pooh cake and wore navy blue overalls which are probably really lame compared to today's fashion, but hey it was the 90's, lol!   Now he's got long hair and wears lots of black clothes and locks himself in his room and listens to music or plays his guitar. Typical teenager, lol!  

So here's hoping i've got the stuff it takes to survive teenage-hood!!! YIKES!!!! I'm scared, lol!!! 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fruit Loops at the Grocery Store and Not the Good Kind!

I went grocery shopping with Peanut tonight. Now I do have to say I have a very beautiful little boy and I can see what all the fuss is about. Okay, okay sorry I had to throw that in there...heehee.

I was in the checkout at Winco. For those who don't have a Winco, it's a discount grocery store where you basically bag your own shit, lol! This really nice lady was next to me and just kept gushing over Peanut. I didn't really notice at first because I was busy trying to bag my groceries. She started talking to me about him and then proceeded to tell me all about why she couldn't have anymore kids. Okay some of it was WAY TMI, lol! She was making comments like "He's making my milk come back in" and "Too bad I have an IUD in" and "I'm too old to have more kids". Um, okay.

Then she starts in with the "I'm going to steal him and take him home" comments It wasn't just once but multiple times. I know she was just being nice and obviously wasn't REALLY going to swipe my Peanut, but do you ever think it's a little weird when people say things like that (that you don't know?) Friends & family say it all the time but I guess that's different.

I think maybe because I thought M was gone the other day when T & I couldn't find him and I was running around in a panic thinking he had been kidnapped.

I told J about it when he got home and he too didn't think it was very funny at all.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Secret to World Peace!

I was in a bad mood today and I was coming home from picking up Bo's at preschool. I drove past Dominos and they had this adult woman dressed up head to toe in a big, yellow, furry chicken costume holding a sign advertising $5.99 pizzas. She was ALL into it and was waving to all the cars and doing this hilarious dance. OMG! It was hysterical!!!!

As hard as I tried not too my face broke out in a huge grin and I couldn't stop smiling. I think if we had dancing chickens on every street corner this world would be a much happier place :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goodbye Captain Phil

RIP Captain Phil. You will be missed!!!

I'm so sad that Captain Phil Harris died from a stroke :(   We are huge Deadliest Catch fans.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who's afraid of the big bad spider?

J will kill me, but this is too funny not to share!!!! Last night he was taking a shower and I heard screaming coming from the bathroom. He was screaming for help like his ass was on fire so I freaked! I was imagining the absolute worst thinking he had fallen and cracked his head open with the way he was screaming "I need help now. Somebody help me" I was expecting to open the door and see blood everywhere.

I cautiously open the door and I find my naked, wet, hubby huddled in the corner of the shower clutching his towel and screaming "HURRY, he's over there".  I'm like "Huh? What's over there?"  *I was starting to think maybe my poor husband was delusional for a second because I didn't see anyone.   He was like "A giant spider. It's HUGE. Seriously it's the biggest spider i've ever seen".

Okay, so I go and look under the towel that was on the floor and there was a small, average spider just sitting there. Not a scary, big, ugly spider, but just your typical, everyday, run of the mill kind of spider.  So, I did what I had to do and I killed him (sorry PETA).

My tough, macho UFC watchin husband is afraid of spiders (always has been). It's pretty much a real phobia for him.  Prior to meeting my husband I thought the term "arachnophobia" was just the title of a cheesy Hollywood movie, but nope folks, it really does exist!

I kept thinking about it last night and I couldn't stop laughing :) J was upset and kept saying "It's not funny. You know how much I hate spiders",  but I still find it funny in my twisted head (hey i'm the type of person who laughs when a person trips, and then asks if they are okay). I know i'm not a very sensitive wife but seriously, i'm STILL laughing about it today.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Fun Filled Weekend…How was Yours? LOL!

I've had a craptastic day. On top of worrying about little Peanut, I woke up this morning sick as could be. My left cheek was swollen and hot and I felt like my head was going to explode. I was in so much pain that all I could do was rock back and forth and cry (it was bad). So, my hubby called that 1-800-Dentist number to try and find me an emergency dentist. They were able to find a nearby dental clinic that would see me today so I go expecting to hear that I have something majorly wrong with my teeth causing all the pain. Nope. So, they told me I did have a crack in my molar and a little decay probably under my filling but nothing that would be causing the pain I was describing. So, then he said I have TMJ. I've never heard of it, but basically the pain i'm feeling is from clenching my teeth together all the time so my muscles are swollen. So I have to go buy one of those night guard things to put in my mouth at night so I wont clench my teeth. I'm supposed to take Advil 3 times a day to try and help with the swelling in my mouth (caused from the clenching). Then I go back next week to get my molar filled and my teeth cleaned.

After the appointment I was still feeling awful and the dumb dentist didn't give me anything for my pain I went to urgent care and the doc took one look in my ear and said "Wow, it's completely blocked". So he takes out this scraper thing and sticks it way down into my ear. OMG! The pain! I was trying not to scream, but it hurt so bad. He kept jamming it down in there and it hurt so bad. It turns out I have an ear infection and a sinus infection so now i'm on heavy duty antibiotics. At least this doc was nice enough to give me some pain meds so I can sleep tonight.

I feel like such a pile of crapola right now. My teeth are still throbbing, and my left cheek is swollen like someone smacked me, and my ear hurts. Ugh! What a fun filled Saturday this has turned out to be :(

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Caillou I want to Slap You, lol!

You know i've been around the block a few times when it comes to annoying kids' shows over the years.  I'm a Barney veteran and I even survived the Teletubbies (you fellow parents of the 90's are probably familiar with this God awful show, lol).  

That said,  I have recently discovered a show that I truly hate more than Teletubbies & Barney shoved together!   My kids are obsessed with the PBS/Sprout show Caillou right now and it drives me absolutely nuts! As if my own whiney kids aren't enough, I get to listen to a 4 year old whining on my TV, lol! Couldn't they just change his voice up a little bit? It's got to be the whiniest voice i've ever heard. For those of you who don't know anything about it consider yourself lucky! Caillou is about a 4 year old boy who has a younger sister Rosey. For some reason they made the kid bald even though he's 4. Now M didn't get hair until 2, but come on most kids have some hair at 4!!! If I have to hear his whiney little voice one more time i'm going to throw something at my TV.