Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Uncommon Goods: For the difficult gift recipient in your life

There are people like myself who are super easy to shop for. I'm not very picky at all and I really truly love and appreciate almost any gift I'm ever given (except for a super heinous grey sweatshirt I received one Christmas from my ex husband but I'll save that little gem of a story for another day).

And then there are people like my husband. He is P I C K Y and a complete and utter nightmare to shop for (but he doesn't think so of course).  I can't buy him any type of clothing item because whenever he buys clothes he must try them on at least nine hundred times and then almost always decides he hates them as soon as we get home and wants to return them.  Since clothes and shoes are definitely out, and he's not much of a video game/electronics kinda guy (and there are only so many sports team related gifts I can give the man), it's not easy to find special and unique gifts for him. This can make the gift giving holidays a stressful time instead of fun and carefree.

When I was approached by an online company called Uncommon Goods to review their site, I was immediately intrigued because I loathe shopping in store. Plus with four kids and an insanely busy schedule, it's tough to even find the time to go shopping, which means my shopping excursions are typically limited to the grocery store, and unfortunately they don't always have the best gift selections for my picky, high maintenance man (although I'm super tempted to throw a package of mini Kit Kat bars at him on his next birthday and call it good).

Shopping from home on my computer, in my ridiculously ugly pajamas is by far my preferred way to shop, however, I still struggle to find those super cool things for my husband on my usual, go to online shopping sites. Recently he's decided he's a wine connoisseur so that at least gives me something to go on. And as luck would have it, they just happen to have some amazing gift ideas for the wine lover in your life!

 He would seriously love any one of these wine glass sets 
(as would I so buying these for him would be a win/win): 

I actually found multiple, unique gifts that I think he would love, so I'm already a step ahead of the game for this upcoming holiday season (and of course his birthday just happens to be a few days before Christmas so I get to buy gifts for two occasions...lucky me).

Not only do they have some really beautiful and creative items to choose from, but I read lots of really positive things about the company as well, like they wont sell products that harm people or animals (which is always a big concern of mine as a vegetarian) and they are environmentally friendly too (for example they limit the number of catalogs they mail out and the majority are printed on recycled paper or paper sourced from FSC certified forests which harvest in a more sustainable way).  I could go on and on but I'll let you check them out for yourself because I have no doubt you'll like what you see as well. 

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post for Uncommon Goods and I received compensation in exchange for a review. However all opinions are my own.