Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who's afraid of the big bad spider?

J will kill me, but this is too funny not to share!!!! Last night he was taking a shower and I heard screaming coming from the bathroom. He was screaming for help like his ass was on fire so I freaked! I was imagining the absolute worst thinking he had fallen and cracked his head open with the way he was screaming "I need help now. Somebody help me" I was expecting to open the door and see blood everywhere.

I cautiously open the door and I find my naked, wet, hubby huddled in the corner of the shower clutching his towel and screaming "HURRY, he's over there".  I'm like "Huh? What's over there?"  *I was starting to think maybe my poor husband was delusional for a second because I didn't see anyone.   He was like "A giant spider. It's HUGE. Seriously it's the biggest spider i've ever seen".

Okay, so I go and look under the towel that was on the floor and there was a small, average spider just sitting there. Not a scary, big, ugly spider, but just your typical, everyday, run of the mill kind of spider.  So, I did what I had to do and I killed him (sorry PETA).

My tough, macho UFC watchin husband is afraid of spiders (always has been). It's pretty much a real phobia for him.  Prior to meeting my husband I thought the term "arachnophobia" was just the title of a cheesy Hollywood movie, but nope folks, it really does exist!

I kept thinking about it last night and I couldn't stop laughing :) J was upset and kept saying "It's not funny. You know how much I hate spiders",  but I still find it funny in my twisted head (hey i'm the type of person who laughs when a person trips, and then asks if they are okay). I know i'm not a very sensitive wife but seriously, i'm STILL laughing about it today.

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