Thursday, December 23, 2010

The UPS Man

My husband is not really the jealous type at all. Today was the first day of his time off for Christmas. I did 99.9% of my Christmas shopping via online this year (mostly Amazon). The same UPS guy has been to my door dozens of times over the past month or two (seriously i've lost track). I'm not going to lie....he's a bit of a cutie (hey i'm only human and can't help but notice).

Well J has never been home when the UPS guy comes by since he's always at work. So today I open the door and the UPS guy says, "Hey K how's it going today?" I laughed kind of nervously (because J was standing a few feet behind me and I knew he was going to think it was odd that the UPS guy was calling me by my first name) so I said something like, "Oh i'm great. Do you have another Amazon package for me today?" and he laughed. Actually he usually laughs at me as soon as I open the door because he's pretty much there every single day delivering a package.

J didn't say a word about it but later today we went out to get some coffee and out of the blue he says, "So you seem to be pretty friendly with that UPS guy" and then he was like, "He gave you a pretty big smile when you opened the door and he's calling you on a first name's basis?" Um yeah let's just say he wasn't exactly thrilled and now he's been cracking jokes all night about me having an affair with the UPS man, lol!

No real point to posting this story except to try and prove that I still got it :)  Okay I don't but I still think it's hilarious! 

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