Thursday, July 18, 2013

Peanut butter hoarding

Choosy moms choose Jif, apparently every single time they go to the store (which is often).  The sad part is I was completely oblivious to the overabundance of peanut butter in my pantry until the hubby got home from work and said, "Holy hell, why do we have a million freaking jars of peanut butter?"

I replied with, "There aren't that many. Just a few" and that's when he started pulling them out of the pantry one by one and lining them up on my counter.

Holy poop! It's like we're saving up for a peanut butter armageddon or something!!!! 
Is there a 12 step program for peanut butter hoarders? Peanut butter anonymous?  Anything?  Hello, I obviously need some help here people!!!!  How is it that we have SEVEN jars of peanut butter, but yet we're constantly running out of toilet paper and have to resort to using napkins?!   You wanna know what's even more pathetic than having a bazillion jars of peanut butter? Spell checking the word "seven". Yup, guilty as charged.

So, what do you do when you have 12,000 jars of peanut butter?  You make a crap ton of peanut butter cookies (or bunner bunner cookies) as Peanut calls them.

Yes, i've shared this recipe on my blog before, but i'm going to share it again.  And then i'm going to drive to the store to buy more peanut butter.

Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe (created by someone really creative and awesome on Allrecipes because there is no way I could ever come up with a recipe that didn't completely suck): 

1 cup of peanut butter (or 7 jars...kidding)
1 cup of white sugar
1 egg

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix ingredients together and drop onto greased cookie sheets.  Take a fork and make a criss cross pattern.  Bake for approx 6-8 minutes.  Do not burn these!  They will taste like dog poop.  You're welcome.


  1. I love this recipe and make it all the time because 1. does it get much easier than that, and 2. They are super delish! I wish I had that much peanut butter at my house, I could live off the stuff

  2. No lie ..I found myself with about 5 jars of pb the other day. I did a nice search for "quick & easy pb fudge" because I only do "quick & easy."
    First time fudge was fairly good....a little too "loose" but that may be because I ran out of brown sugar so used only what I had.
    Try it! No oven needed and during this heatwave that's a huge bonus!

  3. I do this too!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I blame my mother for always telling me to make sure I had a jar of peanut butter in the car in case I ever got stranded in a snow storm.

  4. I love that every mom has one key hoarding item. Me? Ziploc bags. I feel like a drug dealer.

  5. I don't have that many of the same kind but there are times when I have 5 or 6 different varieties in there at once. Damn the Peanut Butter Company for making such yummy stuff! LOL

  6. Try this pb fudge recipe I got from Pinterest, so easy!
    2 cups sugar
    1/2 cup milk
    1 tsp vanilla
    3/4 cup peanut butter
    Bring sugar and milk to a boil, boil 2 1/2 minutes. Remove from heat, stir in peanut butter and vanilla.
    That's it!
    I stockpile peanut butter too :)

  7. OMG that recipe's awesomely easy and ....FLOUR FREE WHICH IS REALLY GOOD FOR ME! Little overexcited, sorry. Thanks for that! Can't wait to try it, but I think I need more peanut butter. Do you have enough? Maybe you should pop out for a few more jars.


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