Thursday, July 26, 2012

Target Toy Clearance Sale

I know, I know it's early to be talking Christmas already, but when you have 5 kids it's difficult to try and wait until the last minute to shop (talk about a shock to the bank account). Thanks to getting the inside scoop on lots of fabulous summer sales via popular message boards, I have started shopping early and scoring some pretty good deals (and no I don't get paid to blog or talk about stores or products in case you're wondering).

This week Target is having their annual 70% summer clearance toy sale! I didn't really see that many toys that my kids had to have, but Bo's is kind of nearing the end of the toy phase and wants clothes this year. It's a great place to find toy deals for the boys though as they are 4 and 2 and pretty much like anything at this point, lol!

My 2 very favorite sale finds were these Toy Story items:
Full Retail Price Approx $75
Price I Paid for Both=$25

If you haven't gone to Target yet, hurry and check it out before everything is gone!

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  1. It is never-ever-ever too early to talk Christmas. I just wish i was an early shopper. Apparently, it would be very wise.


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