Friday, July 27, 2012

Who took my sweet boy and replaced him with...

baby T-Rex?   Seriously this kid is one step away from driving mommy to the funny farm!

This is what happened after my husband told him it was time to come inside because it was getting late (this tantrum cont. on for quite some time but I had to stop recording so I could shut the windows, lol).   *Make sure you don't have your volume turned up all the way or you'll blow out your eardrums-you'll thank me for this.  Makes you wanna have more kids doesn't it?  LOL!!!!

Peanut has recently discovered his newfound independence.  He's the baby of 5 kids, so he's really trying hard to be a "big kid", but he is the baby so i'll admit he's a bit spoiled and demanding (he gets it from his dad…heehee).  He can throw Legos like nobody's business and if you're not careful you'll get a handful of Duplos thrown in your face (which hurts like a mother f@*ker by the way).    He can climb better than any monkey in the zoo.  We have found him on the top shelf of our closet (still trying to figure out how he got up there), behind the TV, in the sink,  on top of our dressers (yes they are latch secured to the wall), etc.   The only place I haven't found him yet is hanging from the light fixtures.  Luckily he can't read yet or I guarantee he would be hanging from the chandelier by this afternoon.   He has smacked the TV before when you wont turn on his show.  If there was an Olympic medal for shot putting a remote, he would win the gold.

His latest trick is drinking from a regular cup so no more sippy cups.   He wants to sit in a regular chair at dinner and not on our bench.   He HAS to open the front door now or he goes crazy.   He must walk from the front door to our minivan without being carried or he flips out.    When you get to the minivan, he must climb into his car seat by himself.  If you try to lift him into his seat, you get to experience what I like to call the dying salmon flop.  He will lift his arms straight up in the air and slump to the ground like a slug and then flop around on the floor of the van like a dying salmon out of water.   Lifting him up during the dying salmon flop is nearly impossible, trust me on this!

Yesterday after another octagon cage worthy wrestling match with Peanut  over not wanting to get in his car seat (and just moments before I was about to place him on the front yard with a "Free 2 year old ready for a new home" sign), I noticed something very strange….it was quiet!  I look back and this is what I see……

Awwww, a sweet little sleeping Peanut.   
Oh and yes that's dried sand on his face-don't judge, 
I didn't have time for one of my famous diaper wipe baths, lol! 

Here are some of my other favorite Peanut pics.  
You can see he has a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. 

Peanut perched on top of the desk. 
Apparently the chair wouldn't do

 Oh that twinkle I was referring too…..trouble!

 He climbed in himself…

 Oh how I love this boy, even when he's naughty which is often, lol!

 Yes, i'm a mean mom for grabbing my phone instead of rescuing him first, lol! 

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