Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mom Why Do My Socks Smell Like Banana's?

Yesterday was the first day of soccer camp for both girls.  Neither J nor myself played soccer when we were younger, so we are both pretty clueless about what is needed to actually play.   When I picked up my 12 y/o DD from her first day of soccer camp she quickly informed me that she was supposed to have long knee type socks to cover her shin guards….ooops!  Apparently the coach asked her, "Where are your socks?" and she answered back, "On my feet" and all of the kids started laughing, lol!  We honestly had NO idea that you were supposed to cover the shin guards, lol!    So after dinner J and I ventured out to Big Five Sporting Goods and found some long black "soccer socks" or whatever they are called. 

Last night after the kids fell asleep i'm standing at the bathroom sink when my husband pops his head around the corner and nonchalantly says "Oh by the way. I put one pair of Bo's soccer socks on top of the bowl of bananas in the kitchen and the other pair is on the top shelf of our closet".   WTF?! 

We looked at each other for a second and burst into laughter.   Even the hubby was making fun of himself for randomly separating 2 brand new pairs of soccer socks (that came in a package together) and putting them in ridiculously strange places that would never be found (and no people he didn't do this on purpose either), lol!   I'm still shaking my head as to why he thought this would be a good place to keep her socks, but at least he told me so I wasn't frantically searching through the house like a maniac at 7:30 am.   

It makes perfect sense now why my husband can never find anything that's not physically attached to his body!  Thanks to my hilariously awesome hubby for giving me something to blog about today :)  

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