Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why I think laundry hampers were probably not invented by a man

I love my husband dearly, but I will never understand why he puts his dirty pants on top of the laundry hamper instead of just lifting the lid and throwing them in?   Also, notice where his dirty socks are in proximity to the designated laundry receptacle, lol!   Yep, those are his black socks on the floor, conveniently located NEXT to the hamper, lol!

I know I know, there are much bigger things to worry about, but it seriously drives me batty!  I'm constantly having to ask him "Are these clean or dirty?"  What really kills me is when he replies back all snippy and will say, "Clean" or "Dirty" with that duh tone in his voice, as if i'm supposed to know that a perfectly folded up pair of pants is clean or dirty (and no i'm not going to smell them, lol).

When i'm not able to ask him the status on something and I take a gamble and toss something in the washing machine (thinking it's dirty because it's sitting ON the dirty laundry hamper), then I get, "Where did you put my jeans?  I can't find my jeans!!! Someone took my jeans".    When I reply back with, "I washed them so they are in the machine" I get, "Why did you do that?  Those were clean!!!"

Is my husband the only one who does this?  Please tell me i'm not alone here ladies!

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