Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When blogging becomes more than blogging

I've had a lot of really personal, depressing stuff going on lately (no, sorry i'm not gonna tell you), so when one of my fellow blogger friends who has an amazing blog called Antiquity Travelers sent me a package last week, it made me cry like a blubbering baby.  If you haven't visited her blog, please go there now and subscribe.  She's incredibly talented and sweet and you will love her blog. Oh and she has an Etsy shop that you can check out here.

She sent me these beautiful handmade bracelets for my daughters.  I'm saving them for Christmas as money is tight this year (and buying gifts for five kids is kind of obscene really).  My daughters love jewelry (their future husbands are in big, big trouble), so they are going to absolutely freak out when they see these.  

How gorgeous are these? 
Not only did she send me these lovely bracelets but she included a hand written card (which is a lost art these days thanks to the internet) and there was a note written by her own daughter saying the green bead was her favorite and she hoped that my daughters would like it.  Okay now i'm crying again.  

So, I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart and I will update with a pic of my girls wearing their bracelets after they open them on Christmas morning.   I never expected that I would meet such awesome new friends when I first started my blog, but I did and i'm so grateful for them.  Now hurry up and go visit her blog and show her some love because she's seriously awesome!  


  1. Love this post! Following you on Linky. I will follow your sweet friend as well! God bless!
    Katie Corley

  2. That is SO sweet! I'm so sorry you've been havign a tough time. You knwo i get the Christmas for 5 kids is CRAAAY. Hugs to you - i hope things get better soon!!!

  3. what a sweet thing to do, for sure!!

  4. Oh man ... what a sweet thing for you to do! I am so glad that you like the bracelets, and I hope your daughters enjoy them :)

  5. I love the way women come together to show each other love and support. Blogging has introduced me to some amazing women too. We are all so blessed for all of the support this blogging world gives.

    I'm praying you feel better soon. Much love to you. Xoxo

  6. What a beautiful gesture from your bloggy friend. This post is equally as sweet. It's amazing who shows up at just the right time. I'm hoping you are on the upswing of things soon.

  7. I love this post. So often we hear stories about women fighting and bloggers being nasty. I truly believe that minority gets all of the attention. There are so many wonderful people blogging. I consider some of the people I have met to be incredibly close friends. What a gift!

    Christmas has to be tough with five kids. I can only imagine just organizing it all takes a lot out of you.

    Those bracelets are just gorgeous!

  8. It's is so nice that the majority of bloggers are adults. I mean we run into high school every day in real life. Competition and just plain childish crap. I have "met" so many fellow bloggers who came to the table for friendship and support, they don't judge they don't care if their numbers are better- they are there to be a friend! What an amazing thing for her to do! Wow, her thoughtfulness really shows her character through and through. You are lucky to have a pal like that!


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