Saturday, December 22, 2012

Guest Post for Aunt Bessie's

*This is a sponsored post for Aunt Bessie's not written by myself.  I hope you will check out the funny video link.  It made me giggle. 

Master Chef or Master Of Time?

Between The Great British Bake Off, Saturday Morning Kitchen and the abundance of new cooking programmes that air ever week, there’s no disputing the fact that cooking is the new ‘cool’ activity.

It seems that today everyone understands their gratins and their granitas and can spot the different between a coulis and a jus. But while we all love the tension and the tantrums of TV cooking, few of us have the time for such gourmet creations ourselves.

After a long day in the office or hours of running around after the kids, for most of us the act of boiling the kettle can feel like a challenge, never mind reaching for the spaghetti.

The good news is that quick food doesn’t need to mean flavourless creations or pot noodle fare – and here’s how:

The Cheat’s roast

We all know the tastiest Sunday roasts come with attention and detail. One of the best ways to create a sumptuous roast dinner without the added effort is by cutting corners when creating your sides.

But cutting corners on time doesn’t need to mean cutting corners on taste. When creating sides like roast potatoes or the classic Yorkshire pudding, Aunt Bessie’s hassle-free Yorkshire puddings always come out gloriously big, fluffy and delicious, while her crispy roast potatoes are fluffy on the inside and perfectly crunchy on the outside.

You need only watch the brands latest advertisement to see the impact these convenient dinner table ingredients can have. The latest adventures of nosy neighbours Margaret and Mable see them accept a dinner invite which they expect to under-deliver on quality. Yet, instead of a rushed mid-week meal from a busy working family, they are treated to a full roast which took less than one hour to prepare!

The great thing about this advert is that it proves that it’s possible to create a nutritious meal quickly and easily during the week, but also, doing so could allow you to finally put judgemental food critics firmly in their place!


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  1. ha! one word for dealing with long cook times ... crockpot! turn it on in the morning - come back in the evening :) no one has to know


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