Sunday, December 2, 2012

Guest Post: Options for independent later living

Options for independent later living

Whether it is yourself or your parents you are thinking of, there will come a time when you want to find a home that is nice to settle down in so no one has to worry about moving house again. It may be a time for the person or people in question to downsize to minimise the amount of upkeep that needs to be done or it may simply be personal preference that drives you to change the place you call home.

The location is also important; needing to be somewhere that is within a short distance of amenities and that is well served by transport services so everyone's independence can be retained. You may also be thinking of finding somewhere in which help and support is readily available should it be needed at any time.

There are plenty of options available to enhance and make one's later years easier with different facilities and levels of assistance to suit all needs and requirements.

Home upkeep

To start with, one reason you may be thinking about moving is if you have had enough of house maintenance and general home upkeep. What may have been a perfect family home for most of your lifetime (when you had children, dogs and families visiting) may be more hassle than it is worth to look after now. It may be an ideal time to find a smaller property to live in where some help around the home is available should you need it.


There may come a time when you want to give up driving. You might decide to find somewhere to live that is close to everything you need and that it is time to relax and get your family to come to you. The great thing about finding a retirement property in a community such as the ones under discussion is that not only do they often have a plethora of onsite activities available; there are often arrangements that can be made easily should you want to visit anywhere else. This means you no longer have to worry about getting yourself around or relying on others to help you.

Social life

If you are beginning to lose the enthusiasm for driving and are inclined to leave the house less, socialising becomes a little bit more difficult. These independent living developments have a really close sense of community and offer many chances to get to know those that live near you and share activities with.

*This was a sponsored post not written by me.  I think i'll forward a copy of it to my own children as i'm a bit worried as to where they are going to place me someday! Hint, hint kids….You either find me a nice retirement home or momma's coming to live with you :)

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