Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh Peanut…..

You're the one who reminds me to take my birth control each and every day, 
the reason for poison control on the front page of my iphone display, 
the reason we keep anything dangerous under lock and key,
the reason I sometimes break down and say, "Really? Why me?"

The reason the squirrels run and scamper, 
you find new uses out of our laundry hampers.

The reason i'm frightened when it's silent and ask "Where is Peanut?" 
and then cry and shake when I see the walls and say, "Oh NO, he didn't!" 

Soon you'll be turning three, 
I give you my desperate mommy plea, 
Please slow down and be careful,  
for life with you dear Peanut can be stressful. 

You're sneaky and tiny and quiet as a mouse, 
and the reason we never have any peanut butter left in the house! 

Mmmmm peanut butter! 
Want some mommy? 

All things said and done, 
we love you 
our wild, precious and beautiful son! 


  1. What a mischievous little guys! The eggs made me laugh! I see some moments like that in my future...

  2. oh man, you have your hands full with him! We used to joke with my daughter (being right about this age) that she had only 2 speeds ... 1) Running, and 2) Sleeping. There was no in between. She didn't slow down until she was about 5 yo.

  3. Too cute. As much of a mess as they can make at that age, I sometimes secretly (OK, not so secretly) wish mine were still that age...

  4. SO GREAT!!! I love it:D He is so stinking cute. They always get away with murder;)

  5. It sure is a good thing he is cute. ;-)


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