Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Move Bi#$h Get Out the Way!

Just a PSA for those who have road rage….if you are going to yell and make an obscene hand gesture at the car in front of you, please make sure they aren't your neighbor….whoops!

I was driving behind Miss Daisy apparently and they were driving soooooo slow that I began to lose my patience.   I was only a few blocks away from my turn off so I was like, "Move it a@@hole" and held up one of my favorite hand gestures to make my point.

Right before I get ready to turn, I realize they put their blinker on and get in the same turning lane.  Oh crap!   Yep, they turned down my street and arrived at a house just a few houses down (hanging head in shame).   Of course I had to circle around my block a couple of times, but i'm sure they know it was me as we are the only house on our street with a minivan (the only house with kids for that matter so I might as well have put a big old freaking target on my head).  Now i'm a little paranoid of retaliation.  Hopefully they aren't deranged serial killers that kill people and bury the bodies in their backyard (if I disappear then you know why).

So, make sure that when you do display an obscene hand gesture that they are not your neighbor, and make a note of your neighbor's vehicles so this doesn't happen to you.   Lesson learned.

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  1. LMAO!!! Seriously...this post had me cracking up!

    I have a little bit of road rage myself, & can totally imagine the shock and horror you must have felt finding out that it was your neighbor!

    Thank you for sharing!


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