Sunday, August 19, 2012

Look Out Project Runway! There's a new fashion designer in town!

*Editing to add: My teens recently brought it to my attention that their tanks say, "Open Late".  That one flew right over my head when I original posted this, lol!  Hey, it's Taco Bell, people!  I was certainly not trying to pimp out my kids!  Dirty, dirty minds!

My 7 year old daughter "Bo's" wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.   I think she's pretty darn creative.  She's always been quirky and a little on the artsy side.  She likes to dress herself in some pretty unique combinations.   She brought me some sketches the other day that she drew and created completely on her own and I was a little surprised at how well she designs for such a young child.

Bo's "collection" Age 7

Yesterday I was woken up by two cute little kids standing by my bed.   Bo's said, "Mom look at these bathing suits I made for us".   As exhausted as I was, I immediately started to giggle and I just had to drag my tired butt out of bed to take some pics.  Our room is really dark and it was super overcast yesterday so excuse the bad pics.

Bo's is modeling a 2 piece "tankini" made entirely out of hand towels, and held together by potato chip bag clips.  She has a "Jessie" hat on her head from her Toy Story doll.   M (age 4) is modeling a swimsuit made out of bubble wrap.  You can see his superhero underwear shining through.   Hilarious! 

As if things can't possibly get any cuter, later in the afternoon Bo's decided to make some additional outfits made entirely out of Taco Bell bags.  She made a tank top for herself, and an open vest for M.

She told me this morning, "Mom, wearing my Taco Bell clothes makes me happy and i'm going to be a fashion designer when I grow up".   Project Runway contestants look out!  There's a new fashion diva in town!!! 


  1. So cute! She's super creative! Very impressive for a 7 year old :)

    1. Thank you Holly :) She begged us to eat Taco Bell tonight for dinner so she could have more bags so she could add to her collection. We couldn't say no, lol!


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