Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Pretty Little Ladies You Have

I knew it was time to get our 4 year old son's haircut when even his own great grandmother said, "And who is this adorable little girl?" when she came over to visit, lol!  Yes, she seriously thought one of the neighbor kids was over for a play date.

Then a few weeks ago I was sitting in the drive thru and the cashier poked her head out of the window and said, "How are you little ladies doing today?"  Innocent question right?  Not if the only kids in your car are your 4 & 2 year old sons, lol!  Ooops!  

Ironically I never cared for long hair on guys (still don't), but for some reason I get super emotional  over the subject of cutting my son's hair.  He's the biggest momma's boy you've ever seen and he was completely, totally bald until he was almost 3.  The thought of cutting his blond, curly locks is just too much for me.  Plus, I think he rocks the long hair look!  He reminds me of a California surfer boy.  

My husband ended up winning the argument and I allowed him to take our son to the barber.  Our 2 year old son is still off limits at this point.  

Here are some before shots:  
My teen is a lost cause. He wont cut his hair and even telling him he has Bieber hair doesn't bother him. 

I do really love his new haircut, but when he first came home it was like looking at a completely different child emerging from the minivan.  I'm still not used to it and I find myself missing his long, curly, messy locks. He looks so much older than he did with long hair and it's so hard for me to let this one go.  I just want him to stay my baby boy forever.  


  1. Oh he does rock the long hair! When my oldest (girl) was a baby (about 6 months) she would scoot in her crib on her back. She completely wore the hair off the back of her head. She had long-ish hair in front and we called it her 'old man comb over!' I also love the color blue, so they thought she was a boy for the first year or so. LOL

    1. LOL!!! That's too cute! Our daughter was pretty bald until age 2 1/2. She got mistaken for a boy all the time!

  2. So happy to hear that the person who bakes the cakes at your house didn't turn out to be the same person who cuts the hair. I was starting to have nightmares, and I'm awake!

    1. LOL!!!! This comment had me rolling! I actually tried to cut my oldest child's hair before but my husband snatched the scissors out of my hands real quick!


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