Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dream a little dream: Guest post by Big A little a

Dream a little dream!
By: Roshni @

So, who amongst all of us strives to be a put-together mom?! Um.....only me, huh?! Well, okay, I freely admit that in years past, I have committed the laughable offense of trying to be a perfect mom! Perhaps it was the pressure of my relatives (in-laws, parents, other random busybodies!), the self-doubts instilled right there at the hospital at watching all the nurses taking care of a horde of babies in cribs without turning into mush, or perhaps it was all the amazing Martha Stewart-like blogs, that talked about teaching their babies sign language, while cooking three course meals, making lace doilies, shopping for high heels and getting the latest manicures, that convinced me that I was falling short and I had better buck up.... like, right NOW!!

Of course, you probably got the idea that it never quite worked out, right! Somewhere while I was cleaning my baby's bottom for the 'n'th time in the day, all the while wondering if there was anything edible in the house, and shoving dirty laundry under the bed, I got that it was a wonderful, but impossible dream that some beeyotches had concocted to make the rest of us feel bad!!

So, I let go of the dream, though it did seem such a delightful dream! I still sigh at the thought of a pretty, uncluttered house, all the while watching my boys systematically decimate the idea in their Star Wars duelling fervor. I giggle at the idea of making gourmet meals, because I have since discovered that I hate cooking! And, my present 'manicure' is 'short and flesh-colored', thank you very much!!

The last time I was congratulating myself about being put-together, was when I did not forget to fix all the lunch boxes, the kitchen was actually clean when I left the house and my son was not late for school......and then I dropped my younger son at his preschool and was about to walk out when I heard his teacher frantically calling me! I walked back to see her slipping something into a plastic bag and handing it to me with a half-smile, saying "I guess you didn't realize that this came along with his bedsheets". I took a quick peek and blushed...yes, it was a pair of my panties. And, even more cringe-worthy, they were not the lacy Victoria Secret ones!!

Hope I made your day with that confession! Wishing our dear friend at Peanut Layne a speedy recovery and hoping to see the rest of you around!

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  1. You are braver than I. Not only in sharing your confession, but in not immediately taking your child out of that school. I don't think I'd ever be able to look that teacher in the eye again. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that.

  2. Thanks so much for inviting me to guest-post, Peanut Layne and Karen!!

  3. Lol...I am happy to read that I am not the only one. But, I agree becoming a parent puts in a lot of pressure esp with a new country and trying to lay out foundation of indian culture along with the western one...Balancing it out takes a toll on the parents.

    I wish your friend, a speedy recovery too!

  4. Haha! So those sorts of things really DO happen to people and aren't just exaggerated on TV and in the movies. That's good to know! I will enjoy my embarrassment-free years a little longer, lol!

  5. Awesome confessions Roshni and let you in on a little secret I am so far from perfect, too lol!! :)

  6. OMG!..Oh myy god1....are you kidding me :)!....cant stop laughing and imagining :)!

  7. @Karen...I think they kind of know that I'm totally scatterbrained!! I let them think so, so that I can get out of cupcake duty when it's a party day!! :D

    Ruchira...thank you!

    Melanie...yup! I'm sure I can think of more embarrassing stuff, given time!! :D

    Janine...good to know!! :D

    @craftstruck...glad to make you laugh today! :))


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