Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friendly Friday # 19

We continue to have over 140 Blogs link up each week!
Today with the Tennerys Friendly Friday

The Friendly Friday Hosts are:

Today with the Tennerys - 
Life on Peanut Layne

The {Not So} Facinating Life of Tabitha

Meet our Co-Hosts:


Helena plays the piano and violin (minored in music at Radford University) and takes belly dance lessons. She has have a dog named Evee and two boys and a husband.  She also works as a para-educator at a remedial High School in a self-contained, special ed classroom!
"I started out blogging because I needed to make a monthly newsletter for my church!  It grew from there! I still blog for fun, to occasionally practice my writing, to record things that are of interest to me and to do reviews and giveaways!"

This Day I Love - 

Leyla started blogging to record her daily life as those precious moments go far too quickly.

She continues to blog to "show my girls when they are older what we did and to take a positive from each day."

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  1. i've just started following! your blog is so cute :)

    hope you can follow me too:

  2. Happy Friday to you ~ Love your blog design too! :-)


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