Monday, February 25, 2013

Guest Post by 1st Time Mom and Dad

Guest Post by 1st Time Mom and Dad

At 34 I was one of the last of my core group of girlfriends to have a baby.  I mean, some of my girlfriends are already sending their first born off to college, and I am not even sending mine to preschool. Honestly, until I met my husband at 30-years-old, I was not even sure if I wanted kids.  I was happy living my selfish life of work, happy-hour, sleep, work.  I appreciated the simplicity and freedom of spinsterhood.

I can remember when my very best girlfriend got pregnant when we were only 24.  I thought she was nuts. I couldn't understand why she would want to go and mess up a good thing like her twenties by having a child?! Low and behold she did, and then she had another baby, while I was still falling down drunk at keg parties. I was sure my life was better.  Yet, one after another, my girlfriends were making babies.

Then by the time I turned 30, nearly all of my girlfriends were married (some already divorced) with children, and I mean multiple children.  I remember being pissed that at my big 30th birthday bash my motherly friends sat around carrying on about their children, the babysitter, getting home and not drinking to much because they would have to be up at the ass crack of dawn to look after their children.  I was so annoyed that they were having a better time talking shit about their children than I was, at my own birthday party!

Then, four years later, I had a baby.

I look back now on my 30th birthday bash and realize how lucky I am that they made it out at all!  I realize now with their kids being so much of their life, it was inevitable that they would trade war stories and tips and tricks to get the kids to eat or sleep.  I totally get it now. I also have all of my friends back.  We are now, the Sisterhood of the Motherhood.

We all understand each other, well they understand exactly what I am going through, and are happily sharing stories of what's to come with a crazy boy toddler.  We all would jump at the drop of a hat to help each other with babysitting, laundry, picking up medication from the pharmacy... you name it, and our sisterhood would do it to help each other's motherhood woes out!

I love that we have all changed and grown together. So yes, maybe I was a little late in changing over from party girl to mommy girl, but I have, and we are all together again. We laugh and joke and drink wine together again, and understand that we all have to be in bed by 11pm. We also don't judge when one of us shows up to the party with spit-up or a goldfish stuck to our ass.  We are an understanding, accommodating sisterhood.

I have also learned that mothers everywhere, while we do judge a little, we will help each other out.  We also get that your screaming baby in the store is not your fault, we get that you need a hand sometimes and are happy to help.  We are an unsaid club of sisters, always ready to help a mother out! And I am so so so proud and honored to be a member.


  1. I'm with you here. I was late to the motherhood party too, but I'm equally excited to be a card-carrying and exhausted member of the least exciting social club ever ;) Great post.


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