Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Mommy Dollar Store Edition: Guest Post By Suburbia Interrupted

Super Mommy. Dollar Store Edition

Six months ago, I was a dollar store virgin.  I had never gone shopping at a dollar store, mainly because I had this notion in my head that it was filled with crap.  Now granted, dollar stores do have a lot of crap in them that I would never in a million years buy, but as I have learned in these past six months, there is also a lot of crap in the store that I will.

The local dollar store I visit is now my go to place to buy cleaning supplies, candy to sneak into movie theaters, and as I have learned, the best place in the world to bring my three little kids when I want to be known as "Super Mom."

Yesterday was a day off of school and I was trying to think of something 'special I could do with the little kids since their two older brothers had their fun over the weekend.  I remembered that a few weeks ago the little kids kept asking me if I would bring them to this elusive dollar store they had heard about.  So, I rounded the little kids up and told them to get ready that we were going somewhere special.  The entire (10 minute) car ride, they kept guessing where I could be bringing them-Disney, the park, the local animal sanctuary.

We pulled into the parking lot and started walking toward the store. Finally, they saw the sign.

"OMG! She brought us to the dollar store!" one of the kids belted out.

We walked inside and I said, "you guys can pick out whatever you want."

Somehow the three kids decided that they would each get three things and began looking around.  My daughter immediately grabbed her three items in the first aisle she came to while the boys found what they wanted in the toy section.

As we were driving home, I looked in the mirror and saw just how happy the kids were.  They were laughing, smiling, and so excited to get home to play with their new toys.  When we got inside the house, all three kids gave me a huge group hug and in unison told me how awesome of a mom I was for bringing them to the “one dollar store” and letting them pick out THREE toys.

I'll take the compliments where I can get them, but who knew the dollar store would end up being the highlight of my day.


  1. I just LOVE those Mommy moments when the smallest of things bring such joy to the kids. What a great story.

  2. I love me the Dollar Store.
    And yes, you will feel like a rock star with your kids when you take them there.
    And yes, there is a lot of crap in those stores.
    Great post!

  3. My favorite thing is to have them pick out gifts for other people at the Dollar Store. I give them $5 to spend and they pick out the craziest things. They sent my babysitter off to college with a tree that grows crystals, fluffy socks, erasers, a flower that dances and a teddy bear to snuggle with when she's "wone-we." Things I would NEVER choose in a zillion years but made everyone happy!

  4. Brilliant! Cheap fun is always the best kind!

  5. Now i want to to one. My kids have gift cards to 5 Below...hmmm...awesome guest post:)

  6. I have never let my kids loose in the Dollar store. I'm totally doing this now!

  7. It's true! It's the only store where I can say, "Pick whatever you like!" :D

  8. My kids ABSOLUTELY love going to DollarTree. I do too. I have loved DT for SOOOOO long now. lol. I usually go in there and spend, like, $20 but hey, it's a bargain, plus I can "spoil" the kids without breaking the bank! My 3 year old will even pretend to go to DollarTree. Great post!

  9. We have a Dollar Tree and .99 store across the street from each other. They are great! Now that my son has an allowance, he loves how far the dollar goes.


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