Thursday, October 11, 2012

I just might need my own cooking show

I love veggies. I seriously can't get enough of them.  I'm the one who picks out the veggies out of the Chinese cartons and leaves the meat.  My husband is the exact opposite. He will pick out the meat and leave piles of veggies on his plate, which I then eat off of his plate.  No need to be wasteful!

However, there is one veggie-licious meal that I cook that he just cannot resist.  My grilled veggie sandwich!  And if my hubby will eat it, then trust me, anyone will eat it!  This is a man who thinks that a salad should consist of only lettuce, cheese and loads of ranch.

This sandwich is so good that if you don't like it, you can punch me in the face.  But you wont punch me in the face because it's that good.

This recipe was inspired by a recipe I found on, however, I have changed it quite a bit.  You can find the original recipe here:

Ingredients You Will Need: This recipe serves our family which consists of 2 adults, 2 teens (who eat like adults), an 8 y/o, and 2 toddler boys who just pick at everything.

1 large red pepper
1 large yellow pepper
1-2 avocados
1 container of sliced mushrooms (use fresh mushrooms not the barfy ones in the can…gross)
one bunch of fresh spinach or a bag of spinach would work too
1 container of crumbled blue cheese
1 garlic clove
lemon juice
ciabatta bread
olive oil

I place my mushrooms and sliced peppers on my George Foreman Grill and drizzle a little olive oil over them and close the lid.  While my veggies are cooking, I mix up the sandwich spread.

There is no exact science to this part.  I take a small cereal bowl and mix up a couple of big spoonfuls of mayo.  Then I squirt in a little lemon juice and add some chopped up garlic.  Mix all 3 ingredients together.  I taste it to see if I need to add more lemon, garlic, mayo etc.    Then spread this mixture all over the top half of your ciabatta bread.  Don't be modest. Spread that shit on good! Sprinkle the crumbled blue cheese all over the mayo mixture and set aside.

When your veggies are grilled to how you like them, remove them off the grill and place the ciabatta bread face up on your grill (the part with the mayo/blue cheese mixture on it).   Close the grill lid onto the bread.  The mayo and cheese mixture will almost immediately soak into the bread.  You don't want to leave the grill closed for very long, just long enough for your blue cheese to melt into the bread and be lightly brown.  I only leave the lid on for a few seconds (definitely less than 30 seconds).

Take your bread off the grill, pile up your veggies into your sandwich, add some fresh spinach leaves, and add some cut up avocados.  Then be prepared to eat the most delicious sandwich you will ever eat in your entire life!  Seriously my picky husband BEGS me to cook this, and even my kids will eat it!  It's a perfect way to get your picky eaters to get their veggies.  Oh and I know you're probably saying, "But I don't like blue cheese".   Seriously, suck it up and try it!  The blue cheese melts into the mayo/lemon/garlic mixture and it's freaking delicious!


  1. This looks DELICIOUS! Start a cooking show, I'll watch!

  2. I just went from mildly hungry to starving to death. The real question is: When Can I come live with you?

    You do need a cooking show! Watch out YouTube (seriously, you have your own channel...use it).

  3. Hi from the blog hop :)

    This looks so yummy!! I gotta save this on my computer! Thanks for sharing

    xo, Heather

  4. sounds yummy!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. oh wow, except for the cheese, it looks amazing. I'm getting in the car with a plate and hope my sandwich is ready. LOL


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